For your health, talk less about work after work

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Even when SOMETHING important happens, I go to bed first and tell myself, “I’ll think about it tomorrow when I wake up.”1. It is Worth While to separate work and life. After coming home from work, you can forget the troubles of work and concentrate on rest.This is not always easy to do, because there is a tendency to “think ahead”, and if work is not done, it tends to fester in your mind.This may explain the origin of responsibility, but it undoubtedly encroaches upon the leisure time of the individual. It can be done occasionally, but it cannot be sustained for long without self-regulation and keeping one in a state of tension without relaxation.Work is an important piece of life’s puzzle, but it never equals life itself.Life with only work will make people extremely tired. Learning to switch states and consciously separate the space between work and life is almost a required course to lead a good life.To say the least, necessary rest is not just for the physical recovery from fatigue. Mental health also depends on our careful care.If you worry about the details of your work, you will find it difficult to fall asleep even when you lie in bed. As a result, not only your mental health but also your physical strength will not be guaranteed.3. The book also emphasizes that it is not easy to distinguish between work and life. Because of its difficulty, it is more necessary to exercise in daily life, so as to make active change of rest state become a habit of life.The point is: when appropriate, let go of unfinished work and allow time for relaxation.Specifically, it is the adjustment of mentality.Once you’re out of the workplace, learn to shift into a relaxed state, not prepare for the worst, but think, “What does it matter if I don’t do this?”Of course, it should be pointed out that everyone’s job is different, and some responsibilities are too important to be taken lightly.But generally speaking, any job has a time to go to work, work, rest is the original meaning of its rotation.In addition, things in the world are not as complicated and changeable as we like to think, and the so-called “much ado about nothing” means the same thing.Switching between work and life is a good thing for us. After all, a person has to work for 30 years or more. Such a long operation cycle, even when the steel machine still has maintenance and replacement parts, let alone people.Reading one or two, feeling three or four, there is warmth in the text.I am writing feeling of leisure time to turn over the book, light reading every day, welcome to click attention, meet.