Strict pass, good position!Jize County quickly implemented the spirit of the provincial and municipal meeting on epidemic prevention and control

2022-04-29 0 By

On the evening of January 29, after the provincial and municipal meeting on epidemic prevention and control, Jize County held a meeting to quickly implement the implementation. Jiao Yaji, the county head, Li Yunpeng, the deputy county head attended the meeting, and responsible comrades from relevant departments of the township and county attended the meeting.Jiao yaji pointed out that the current severe situation of the epidemic, coupled with the upcoming Spring Festival and frequent flow of people, has further increased pressure to prevent imported cases, and the epidemic prevention and control loopholes should be tightened.All departments at all levels in the county must keep a tight grip on epidemic prevention and control, without any paralysis or slackening, and resolutely guard the jize position.Jiao yaji stressed that townships should strengthen management requirements, accurately screen high-risk areas to return to the county, effectively guard each checkpoint, strictly implement temperature sweep code registration, isolation control or persuasion measures.We need to be problem-oriented, focus on weak links, and take proactive measures to address weaknesses in prevention and control work.To clarify their responsibilities and improve the efficiency of coordinated operations, major leaders should go deep into the frontline and command from the front, and be in charge of their respective duties and responsibilities.It is necessary to firmly establish the idea of “one game of chess”, resolutely obey unified command, unified coordination and unified dispatching, strictly implement the directives and requirements of the county headquarters for epidemic prevention and control, and ensure that all orders and prohibitions are followed.Source: wonderful chicken Ze Responsible editor: Wang Jieren