Mintai Bank: “intimate” service delivers “intimate” affection to help the elderly enjoy digital finance

2022-04-29 0 By

Correspondent: Fu Yilin tai ping in the hangzhou branch, engaged in the digital transformation, so as to facilitate the people’s livelihood as the mission, and continuously strengthen online mobile electronic channel construction, and in a perfect way of traditional financial services at the same time, continue to carry out outside visit activities, providing customers with comfortable, convenient and considerate service to the door.Reading glasses, magnifying glasses, love seats, crutches…The sub-branch has not only prepared various facilities for the elderly to provide a more comfortable and convenient service environment for the elderly customers, but also provides a number of services for the elderly customers who are over 70 years old and inconvenient to travel, such as door opening cards, comprehensive financial management, etc., which are highly praised by the surrounding residents.Zheng Dabo, who lives in Hailan Peninsula community, gave a thumbs up to linping Branch’s carefulness: “I have never met such a warm bank employee. He was afraid that my old man would not be safe when withdrawing money, so he kept sending it to my home.”85-year-old uncle Zheng, who lived about one kilometer away from the branch, went to the counter of the branch to close his account and withdraw cash for a one-year time deposit of 270,000 yuan because his grandson was getting married.When the hall service staff realized that Uncle Cheng was difficult to express in Mandarin, they kindly asked his needs in dialect and gave priority to handling business for Uncle Cheng.After uncle Zheng withdrew the money, the sales manager arranged the branch security personnel and a counter personnel to escort Uncle Zheng home to ensure the safety of the money in the journey, and in the process of walking home to reconfirm the use and safety of the money, until ensure uncle Zheng safely home, the branch staff left.At the beginning of March 2022, Linping Branch launched the activity of “Expanding elderly customer base and promoting mobile banking” in the surrounding communities to help elderly customers cross the digital divide, keep pace with The Times in the development of information technology, and obtain more happiness.Under the guidance of Wang Yanmei, the financial manager of the sub-branch, Aunt Zhou, who lives in Damei Apartment, completed a living payment on mintai mobile bank.”What a bargain!That’s easy!”Aunt Zhou sighed and said: “I have heard that we can pay water and electricity bills online, but we are old, brains are not bright, the original mintai mobile banking so easy to use, two steps to success, there are concessions, really much more convenient!”Aunt Zhou was overjoyed. Her grandson was also affected by her aunt’s mood and clapped her hands happily., wealth managers and to the community HuoDongJiao aunt uncle are telecom illegal financial activities such as identity fraud, illegal fund-raising fraud prevention propaganda, and the popular science knowledge such as the damaged RMB exchange and deposit, through propaganda leaflets with pictures and manual financial security risks and preventive measures, improve the old friend’s risk prevention awareness and self-protection capability.Mintai Bank Linping Sub-branch will continue to vigorously promote the promotion of mobile financial services, through technology and service empowerment, improve services for the elderly, and make digital financial popularization more convenient life.