Judge whether a woman is happy or not: “Look at her mouth”

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On an emotional program, the sister-in-law sat on both sides of the host, the sister-in-law to the host constantly praised sister-in-law, said sister-in-law is a mouth is very sweet, very men like people.Sister-in-law also told the audience a thing, once she went to sister-in-law’s bedroom, opened her wardrobe to see a very soil clothes, sister-in-law immediately asked sister-in-law, like her so fashionable woman how can wear so no taste of clothes?I saw her sister-in-law secretly said with a wink, the dress is the husband to buy, sister-in-law immediately understood, the original sister-in-law does not like this dress, but because the husband is sent, so she will not only accept, but also praise her husband’s eyes.Sister-in-law also told a story, once sister-in-law suddenly very exaggerated praise her husband cooking delicious, even excited to stand up some trembling.From then on, her husband cooked for her almost every day.Sister-in-law said that she envied sister-in-law such a woman, will coax men around, but this is not to please men, after coax, the biggest benefit is her own.The audience and the host also said that sister-in-law such a woman is the real wisdom of the woman.And in real life, sister-in-law is really a husband and husband’s family take care of particularly happy people, she said, in fact, a happy marriage and there are not too many tricks, but a woman to learn to talk well.Most of the time, the success or failure of things completely depends on one mouth, the same word, with different tone and different statements, the final results are different.01 Respect It is said that love is the foundation of marriage, but there is a more basic premise for marriage and love, which is mutual respect.Many people are able to respect each other before they get married, but after marriage, they take their partner as themselves, sometimes neglecting the language of respect.Little do they know that even the best lovers need to be respected.Therefore, in daily life, when speaking, we must give each other enough face, you respect him enough, he will cherish you, take you seriously.I read a story on the Internet about a man whose company was struggling and he had the misfortune to be one of those laid off.But he is the breadwinner in the family, all the expenses in the home have to rely on his salary to maintain that point, suddenly be laid off, his anxiety does not know how to do.But he did not want to bring pressure on women, so he still got up early every day, dressed, and walked in the direction of the company, at the end of the night, he still walked home in the direction of the company.The woman also made breakfast and dinner for him on time every day, and put his clothes and shoes in order.Finally, half a month later, the man was offered a new job with a much higher salary, so he decided to tell the woman about his layoff.However, the woman said she had already seen the man’s eyes and had heard the news from other friends.The man was surprised that the woman had not found him out. She said gently, “You don’t want to say that nature has your reasons. If I found you out, it would increase the pressure on you.”Women use their own way to maintain the dignity of men, wen Wan and warm language gave a man an invisible force, and then to struggle, to struggle.Some people say that a wise man will make good use of the way to fight against difficulties. I think that a woman who can talk, her language is enough to fight against difficulties.02 Show weakness said, home is a place of affection, not a place of reason, as long as a person knows how to use emotion to speak, will not talk about their own great truth, then she will be more happy.Eileen Chang once said, “A woman who is good at lowering her head is often a fierce woman.”In fact, some men have said similar words, they are most afraid of a woman’s tears, because tears are weak, who can resist a woman’s weakness?There is a short video of a woman carrying a bag of rice from the door to the kitchen, when the man suddenly opens the door and comes in. The woman unconsciously drops the bag on the ground and pretends to struggle to carry it.Seeing this, the man immediately pulled the woman aside, saying that such rough work could only be done by men.Some netizens said that a smart woman should be like this, in front of a man is a woman who does not have the strength of a chicken, when a man becomes a woman man.It is true that women should be weak in front of men. This will inspire men to be protective. The weaker you are, the more willing he will be to do for you.Speech is not the case, we often see a conflict between lovers, if this time the woman is more and more intense, then the scene really do not know how to clean up, but if the woman knows enough, or simply admit mistakes, then the man will be more sincere than admit mistakes.There is a joke on the Internet that one day, Margaret Thatcher came home, she banged on the door, the people inside asked who she was, she shouted that she was the Prime minister of Britain.After a long wait, no one opened the door. Then, as if she understood something, she relented and said, “Honey, open the door!I’m your wife.”Just then, the door opened.In a relationship, showing weakness is not a compromise, it is the wiser course of action.There is such a sentence in the ordinary World: “True love is not selfish, but should be altruistic.”Any time, as long as you can put yourself in the place of others, consider the feelings of the other side, the relationship will last long, otherwise only yourself and ignore others, say words will hurt.A person who knows how to get along with people, his words will make people such as spring breeze, feel happy and happy.In one show, a couple was measuring paper to cover a window, but after they finished cutting the paper to the measured size, they realized that they had made a mistake.However, the woman did not blame her husband for this. She said to him, “You are not at fault, but the window itself is at fault.”A humorous words, instant laugh side that helpless husband.So they started measuring again, cutting and pasting.I remember a psychology teacher once said that the relationship between people, even if there is a crack can be made up, the key lies in the next to get along with, how to say.Yes, a lot of things are also in the mouth, defeat is also in the mouth, language seems simple, but it is more powerful than any weapon.In a relationship, a woman wants to live a happy life, well, the first thing to do is to speak well, your words can make the people around you feel comfortable, then life back to you must be happy.END.