Can prescription of Chinese traditional medicine fill medicine in other place?

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Every long holiday, the major hospitals will usher in the drug dispensing peak, many non-local patients to Shanghai in addition to the pharmacy will ask “can I use this prescription in our place?”My answer is “try not to dispense drugs across provinces”.The use of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine has a long history. All provinces and municipalities have their own local characteristics. Some traditional Chinese medicine may not be available after leaving the local area.There are many varieties of Chinese medicine with the same name, the farther the distance, the greater the difference.Even if the national pharmacopoeia listed Chinese medicine yinpian, the processing is not the same, the effect is not the same.1. Artemisia annua, the variety included in the National Pharmacopoeia is the aboveground part of artemisia annua, a compositae plant, while the artemisia annua used in Shanghai is the aboveground part of Artemisia annua, a compositae plant (the original name “artemisia annua” was changed to “Artemisia annua” in the 2018 Edition of The Regulations and Specifications for Chinese Medicine Decoction Pieces in Shanghai).In Shanghai, the two pieces are traditionally called sweet wormwood (artemisia annua) and artemisia annua (Artemisia annua).They are also different in use. Although the two drugs are both used for clearing deficiency heat and cutting malaria, artemisia artemisia is more used for relieving summer heat, and is mostly used for external sensation of summer heat and fever due to Yin deficiency.Artemisia annua has the function of dispelling deficiency and fever, and is mostly used for heat evil fever, damp-heat jaundice.Table 1 ACTS the different of the original source and efficacy of yinpian efficacy of negundo artemisia compositae negundo artemisia heat soared above ground, heat, back cut malaria artemisinin compositae plants on the ground part of a. annua clear heat, bone steaming, good heat, cut malaria, yellow 2, cold water stone back in southern China to use cold water stone is a carbonate mineral of calcite,But the cold water stone used in the north is red gypsum of calcium sulfate ore.The two sources are different, the effect is also different, southern Hanshui stone (calcite) heat reduction fire, qiao, detumescence;North Cold water stone (red gypsum) cold water stone clear heat and purge fire, in addition to annoyance and thirst.Not to be used confusedly.Table 2 Different bases and functions of Hanshui stone Decoction pieces Name Source effect Southern Hanshui stone carbonate minerals calcite to clear heat and reduce fire, benefit qiao, detumescence northern Hanshui stone calcium sulfate ore red gypsum to clear heat and relieve fire, eliminate irritation and thirst.Tempeh is fermented and processed from soybean, a legume plant. It has the effect of relieving symptoms and removing irritability. It is mainly used for cold, chills and fever, headache, irritability, chest tightness, deficiency and insomnia.Table 3 Different processing methods and effects of fermented black beansLobster sauce processing standard accessories efficacy similarities and differences between the act of pharmacopoeia standard, mulberry leaf _ jiangxi cannon gauge su leaf, ephedra be sweating Shanghai cannon gauge fresh red-knees herb, fresh sweet wormwood, fresh perrin, fresh su leaf, fresh herba agastachis, fresh lotus leaf, ephedra be heat sweating “Beijing gun rules” tends to nourish the antipyretic detoxification soup 2, lateral root of aconitum ranunculaceae plants lateral root of aconite root of processed products, toxic, lateral root of aconiteTherefore, in the general prescription, write “aconite”, the pharmacy pays the processed aconite (attached tablet).However, the processing methods and excipients of radix aconite are different in different regions, which directly lead to different toxicity of radix aconite processed in different regions.Studies have shown that the toxicity is:Raw herbs > black shun > white with piece > gun with pills in table 4 of the different stir-baked slices of lateral root of aconite source efficacy raw herbs _ wash, slice, drying black shun edible bravery, toning fluid soak, fully sliced, rinse, color mixing, steaming, dry white piece of edible bravery, soaking, cooked, peeled, sliced, rinse, dry steaming through, gun attached piece of river sand with the black or white with pills,To sum up, in order to ensure the curative effect and medication safety, the local allocation of Chinese medicine is the most reasonable.The above is the original work of the volunteers of “Drug Safety Cooperation Alliance”. If reprinted, please indicate the author and source!PSM Drug Shield (public account: PSMChina), a public welfare organization jointly initiated and established by China Association of Over-the-counter Medicines, Chinese Pharmaceutical Association and Chinese Medical Association, collects resources and gathers strength to promote drug safety for the public.