Father: The exam is not ideal, turn the bag to find

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Recently, a 13-year-old boy became popular online because of his hand-drawing of the modern version of “Compendium of Grass”. The little book not only drew more than a dozen herbs, but also introduced their names and effects in words.Master the juvenile “master of the teenager named ping-kai wang from sichuan province while luzhou, creek area hit town is now read the first video was shot by his father, according to the child’s father dao-yuan wang said his son’s final grade is not very ideal to figure out why he didn’t turn son bag but turned over to a small surprise yu he conveniently filmed a video posted on the Internet have ledThe attention ping-kai wang said it was my grandmother tells his son of some Chinese herbal medicine because they are interested in this aspect is just to search the Chinese herbal medicine and then put them down in fact dao-yuan wang will open at ordinary times live painting ping-kai wang’s painting in addition to the talent is also influenced by his father but due to the busy work dao-yuan wang and son communication very little at ordinary times also did not knowAfter the video went viral, Wang Daoyuan asked his son whether he was interested in traditional Chinese medicine.You like to draw?”It’s good for children to have such hobbies, not necessarily good to get high marks in textbooks,” wang said, acknowledging the praise he received from netizens.He will also support for the child’s interest but is now urging him to study well ping-kai wang hand-painted amaze many netizens have said “to protect their children’s hobby” students “thought is the traditional Chinese painting class notes,” “a compendium of materia medica” squatted down to the world you will see children a support and encouragement for his dream in the “wings” of sources:Xinhua Daily News comprehensive collating from red Star news, Chengdu Business Daily, Douyin @ Daoyuan, netizens comments and other responsible editors: wood copyright belongs to the original author, if there is infringement, please contact in time