Be in obviously everyday raise a stomach, gastropathy is more and more serious however, how to return a responsibility?Don’t step in three minefields

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Stomach disease many people have, the method of nourishing the stomach many people will also.But many stomach disease patient expresses, oneself obviously everyday in raise stomach, why stomach disease can be more and more serious?Is stomach disease besides take medicine outside, can’t method improve really?In fact, when you face non-stop nourishing the stomach, gastric disease is aggravating the problem, it is likely that you have appeared “nourishing the stomach misunderstanding”.In fact, in many patients with stomach disease, there are three stomach “minefields”, if you accidentally enter the minefield, it is likely to appear that the stomach is getting worse and worse.Nourish the stomach of 3 big “minefield”, the person with bad stomach do not enter minefield one: drink porridge to be able to nourish the stomach?Millet porridge, yam porridge, pumpkin porridge, people feel that can nourish the stomach of food are put in the pot together, boil into a thicker rice porridge after eating, is a lot of people’s stomach “secret”.Many people even use ingredients that they think are good for their stomach.But we can clearly tell you that eating porridge every day is not necessarily good for the stomach.First of all, for people with more gastric acid secretion, eating porridge is likely to lead to excess gastric acid unable to participate in digestion, and more prone to acid reflux heartburn.For people with poor digestive function, the practice of drinking porridge to nourish the stomach for a long time may appear “use in waste retreat”.The stomach’s ability to digest food is getting worse, which may actually make it worse.Truth: drinking porridge to nourish the stomach is suitable for people, not long-term use.Minefield two: garlic sterilization, can prevent and cure stomach disease some time ago helicobacter pylori caused a lot of people’s attention, a lot of people worry about their infection with Helicobacter pylori, hope to eat garlic way to sterilization, stomach.However, can clearly tell you that garlic can not kill Helicobacter pylori, raw garlic can not play the effect of nourishing the stomach.Clinically, garlic has been found to have a certain bactericidal effect, but it is also the allicin in garlic that plays a role.If you want to kill bacteria by eating garlic, the consumption is relatively large.When you eat so much garlic, not to mention what it tastes like in your mouth, garlic can also cause irritation in your stomach, which is more of a threat to people with stomach and duodenal ulcers.Minefield 3: Start taking old stomach medicine as soon as you get sick Many old stomach diseases have a variety of stomach medicine at home, some to relieve pain, some to ease acid reflux.They all think they’ve been sick for a long time.But for the stomach, every time they randomly take stomach medicine, although the symptoms at that time have been alleviated, but the factors causing stomach disease have not been properly solved, the next time caused stomach disease will only be more serious.If you have other medical conditions and need to take different medications, you should be aware of whether the stomach medicine can be taken with other medications.If you eat the wrong food, it’s probably not good for your stomach.For example, warfarin in older adults should not be taken with omeprazole, which may increase the risk of gastrointestinal bleeding.When you think you are nourishing your stomach, if you use these 3 methods, you are actually hurting your stomach step by step.Stomach problems will only get worse if you don’t correct them in a timely manner.Stomach trouble may just be a warning signal that your body is being irritated for a short time.People can take effective treatment in time, and let stomach disease gradually improve, return to normal is the key to protect health.However, if you always adopt the wrong way after the occurrence of stomach disease, or you think the right way to nourish and protect the stomach, it may lead to the deterioration of stomach disease, and even gradually develop into atrophic gastritis and induce gastric cancer, which must be what people do not want to see.Obviously every day in the stomach, but stomach disease is more and more serious people, perhaps a good self-check, whether also stepped into the three minefields.Correct mistakes in time, and recuperate stomach disease well.Reference information: 1, stomach medicine and it cannot be taken together!2, listen to these rumors, after nourishing the stomach will hurt the stomach. White porridge nourishing the stomach is not reliable!These are the foods that are really good for your stomach