Guangrao: Work together to win the battle of epidemic prevention and control by stabilizing prices and ensuring supply

2022-04-27 0 By

At present, the situation of epidemic prevention and control is grim. Guangrao County is preparing for a rainy day, ensuring the supply of all kinds of daily necessities, stabilizing commodity prices and ensuring market supply.In the yard of The Shandong Banji Flour Company, workers load bundles of noodles onto trucks for transport to nearby supermarket counters and outlets in towns and streets.The main products of hemispheric flour are flour and noodles, which are necessary living materials for residents.In recent days, while doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, enterprises have tried their best to overcome the adverse factors of rapid and excessive growth of wheat raw materials in the market and ensure timely warehousing of high-quality raw materials.”At present, the stock of raw materials and products is very full, and more than 400 tons of products, including flour and noodle, are delivered every day.”Shandong hemisphere flour Limited company enterprise management office director Wang Junfu said.In addition to the production enterprises, Guangrao county also arranged special personnel every day and Jiale, Ginza, new Century and other key enterprises to communicate and docking, at any time to master the current necessities of life material reserves, combined with market demand, guide enterprises to purchase goods, to ensure that the daily replenishment of enterprises is greater than the sales volume.”We guanggrao Jiale Shopping Plaza and Quanfuyuan Guanggrao Store, relying on the powerful distribution system of Quanfuyuan Group headquarters, make sufficient reserves of rice, flour, grain and oil and other livelihood materials, insist on price parity sales, and strive to maintain inventory and stabilize prices.”Guangrao County Jia Le supermarket manager Liu Xuan said.At present, our county rice, flour, grain, oil, meat, eggs, milk, vegetables, fruits and other necessities replenishment timely, adequate supply, price stability.Three key market total reserves 38 tons of rice flour, cooking oil 90 tons, 15 tons of meat, egg 4 tons, 17 tons of vegetables, fruits, 42 tons, a total of three shopping malls, supermarkets and distribution more than 20 vehicles, delivery staff 130 people, the distribution fresh foods to 30 tons, normal temperature food 25 tons, can fully meet the needs of the urban and rural residents’ daily life.”Under the emergency, we require companies to strengthen the necessaries of life reserve and control requirements, guarantee a certain demand of supply, requiring companies to strengthen the diversity of supply, on the basis of the logistics distribution, actively expand local in proportion, to further enhance the capacity of enterprise of the supply source, vegetables goods should be in the premise of traffic flow can be added in time,To ensure that the supply of daily necessities for people in the county is not out of stock or out of stock.”Guangrao County commerce Bureau business service management office director Zhao Pengju said.Article source: Guangrao Published