Do your best!Wu Dajing missed the final, only 0.016 seconds too pity, Hwang Daheon foul out

2022-04-27 0 By

Ren Ziwei, Sun Long and Wu Dajing reached the quarterfinals of the men’s 500-meter short track speed skating race on February 13, Beijing time.The Chinese team played three players, Ren Ziwei and Sun Long’s results were not very good, were eliminated from the tournament, and Wu Dajing successfully qualified for the semifinals.China’s gold medal hopes rested on Wu Dajing’s performance, while Hwang Dae-hun of South Korea also advanced to the semifinals.Came to the semifinals, Wu Dajing behind the force to catch up, but the final or missed the final, from the final is very close, only 0.016 seconds.In the quarterfinals, Ren ziwei and Sun Long were in the same group. Both of them were not in good form, and Sun Long fell behind early and finally finished fourth in the group, but was forced to exit.But Ren Ziwei got the group third result, no direct promotion, need to wait for the end of the match to know whether to advance.Then Is Wu Dajing, his strength is more strong, early to occupy the lead, Liu Shaolin in the back closely to catch up, but Wu Dajing still got the group first result, directly qualified for the final.And Ren Ziwei also confirmed out, so China team only Wu Dajing can advance to the final.And in the semifinals, Wu Dajing’s group of masters like clouds, Liu Shaoang, Huang Daxian and Dubois are in this group.You start off with a false start and start again.Wu Dajing just started in third place, need to find a chance.Wu Dajing behind the force, trying to catch up, the last turn to continue to force, Liu Shaoang first line.Wu Dajing was finally reversed, got the result of 40.478 seconds, Kazakhstan’s Azigaliyev should be able to rise to the second, let a person surprise.This group is very fierce, hwang daheon at the end of the foul, dubois was awarded to advance, so wu Dajing will not be in group A final, will be in group B final, has been out of medal contention.This game is too exciting, Wu Dajing in fact behind the force, but just a little bit, only 0.016 seconds behind, this is really a pity.And Wu Dajing also tried his best, the Chinese team three missed the final, it is a pity.