The Changan CS35 PLUS carries the all-new 1.4T Blue Whale NE Hard Atmosphere

2022-04-26 0 By

In terms of appearance, changan CS35 PLUS is not much different from the current model, but it has a new 1.4-ton Blue Whale NE engine with a maximum power of 116 kw.The front middle net adopts a single spoke grid design and is connected with the headlamp group.As mentioned above, the design inspiration of Changan CS35 PLUS comes from the rock collapse and lava flow of Changan concept car “Yuyue”. The running taillighs echo from the end to the end of the suspended roof, which makes the whole car look very energetic.The new Changan CS35 PLUS adopts the circular intelligent central control design in the car, which extends to the driver and passenger as the center to stimulate the driver’s stronger driving desire.Changan CS35 PLUS in the overall interior design and appearance of the same, the use of simple and atmospheric design style, the central control of the large size of the LCD display, the interior is very classy.In terms of internal configuration, the car uses a three-spoke flat bottom steering wheel design, and the configuration is also very rich.Omnidirectional no dead Angle, give you a sense of security!Full speed ACC with Stop&Go Full speed adaptive cruise to help you ride easily!PAB active brake warning system, always detect collision danger ahead!Intelligent protection.Can such a tasteful and informative Changan CS35 PLUS bring more convenience to your life?The whole vehicle is a model designed for young people.Safety features such as tire pressure monitoring, ACC adaptive cruise, active brake warning system, automatic parking, 360-degree panoramic photography, and more.The car space is very spacious, the seat is very comfortable, long-term car is not feel tired, there will be no sense of oppression.In terms of storage, the trunk volume of Changan CS35 PLUS reaches 403-950 liters, which is relatively easy to put down four large suitcases.In terms of space, the overall internal space of this car is relatively abundant. Although it is not as spacious as the SUV with large space, it is enough to meet the needs of family.