New rules on bank deposits and withdrawals?”Unified” implementation from March, depositors please pass on to each other

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Introduction Since the beginning of China’s feudal period, banks, as a financial institution, have played an extremely important role in our daily life.Especially for the majority of Chinese people, the bank is a trustworthy safe.Almost every day, major banks receive depositors for their storage business.Therefore, even though the development of online banking is in full swing in recent years, the offline branches of banks are also busy.However, it is worth mentioning that since March 1, major banks have also issued new rules: Depositors who deposit more than 50,000 yuan will be required to tell them two things.Perhaps in many people’s eyes, the banking job is very easy.However, the fact is not so, as a financial institution, the bank, since it takes all the depositor’s storage needs, must be responsible for the security of depositors’ funds.As a result, banks have been cautious about funding.In order to better guarantee the safety of every depositor’s funds, the central bank also issued the latest regulations starting from March 1 this year.In any bank, as long as an individual has more than 50,000 yuan to withdraw cash, he or she must do two things at the bank’s request.Below, xiaobian will explain in detail.Nowadays, for the vast majority of depositors, they will choose ATM self-help withdrawal when handling their deposit or withdrawal business.After all, there is no need to queue for self-withdrawal, and the time is free, basically 24 hours.But at the same time, ATM self-service machine also has a certain limit.As of now, most banks have a limit of 20,000 yuan for ATM self-service machines.Once the amount exceeds 20,000 yuan, you need to make manual deposits and withdrawals at the counter.It is worth mentioning that dealing with business at the counter is also limited by the amount, which is 200 thousand yuan.However, for the vast majority of people, they can handle a one-time deposit or withdrawal of business limits can basically be controlled within 200,000 yuan.As a result, there is almost no need to make an appointment with the bank.Except, of course, for business people.Now the new rules, which limit individual deposits and withdrawals to 50,000 yuan, cover a wide range of depositors.Especially around the Spring Festival, the amount of money will increase, more than 50,000 yuan in a large number of people.According to the new rules issued by the bank, once a person withdraws or withdraws more than 50,000 yuan, they need to do two things under the arrangement of the bank staff: one is to clarify the source of the funds, and the other is to clarify the purpose of the funds.If it is not clear, the bank will not allow personal deposits or withdrawals.So why are banks issuing such new rules?The main reason, of course, is to protect the safety of depositors’ funds, but also to protect the legitimate rights and interests of banks.In the past, there were a lot of money laundering, illegal transactions and other illegal crimes, which were realized by handling personal deposits and withdrawals in banks.The introduction of such new regulations into the bank is also to better prevent the occurrence of these illegal and criminal acts, so as to better protect the relevant rights and interests of banks and depositors.Moreover, the People’s Bank of China has also emphasized the “public to private” and “private to private” behaviors in personal deposit and withdrawal business.Have to say, in recent years, the country’s attention to telecom fraud and economic crime is still very high.In addition to the new rules on personal deposits and withdrawals, which will officially take effect in March, wechat recently restricted personal payment codes.All this is to better put an end to the occurrence of illegal and criminal acts, but also to protect the economic interests of the broad masses of people.Now, as March approaches, banks are getting ready to implement the new rules.In the New Year, we will have to get used to this new rule.Although it may bring us some unnecessary trouble, we should try our best to support and cooperate with you.After all, the new rules are designed to protect the safety of depositors.Especially for the elderly, such policies are much friendlier.In recent years, telecom fraud cases targeting the elderly are also common.With the bank’s gatekeeper, the majority of elderly groups can better avoid the risk of capital loss.In a word, the introduction of this new regulation of the bank can very well protect the capital safety of the majority of depositors, and at the same time, it can also give the security of the bank another shackle.In essence, the new rules also improve the banks’ own service capacity.The most important thing is that under the supervision of the new regulation, criminals will have nowhere to hide their criminal acts.As the saying goes, “the devil rises a foot, the road rises a foot”, at any time, justice will triumph over evil.Those who intend to commit economic crimes will not be able to overcome the laws and regulations of the country.Today’s topic: Since March 1st, if the personal deposit amount exceeds 50000 yuan, the bank requires to inform “2 matters”?