Net business loan overdue, the negotiation of repayment skills, what?

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Emphasize the impact of collectors on your life and work.Put pressure on the other side by filing a complaint with the regulator.Propose a reduction plan.Net business borrows overdue hind, can produce liquidated damages and interest.And the longer the delay, the more interest will accrue.If your overdue amount is large, the interest can be very high after a period of overdue.So when we have the ability to repay, we can find the online bank to negotiate, reduce all the liquidated damages and interest, the remaining principal will be paid off in a lump sum.And then the debt ends there.However, as a loan platform, it is not willing to reduce the reduction, because only repaying the principal will reduce their profits.So when you talk to the other party, you have to pay attention to the way.Tip 1: Emphasize the impact of collectors on your life and work. After the online loan is overdue, the platform will entrust a third-party collection company to collect the payment.This is when collectors frantically call and text you, urging you to pay.Even serious will call all the contacts in your address book to inform you of the debt situation.Such disclosure of the borrower’s private information is against the rules, and will have a big impact on the borrower’s life and work.So we can take this opportunity to complain.Express oneself reimbursement intention next, ask for certain compensation.Of course, the platform won’t pay you any compensation.But you can deduct your interest as compensation.At that point, you come up with the solution of just paying back the principal.And tell the other side, if disagree, complain to the bank supervision bureau.Tip two: complain to the regulatory authorities if the platform always does not agree to negotiate repayment.So this time, can dial the telephone 12378 that supervises bureau of silver, complain net business bank to entrust the third party to urge collect a company, have crazy harassment to you.Has seriously affected your life and work.Net business bank is now required to immediately stop this illegal collection behavior, and make the corresponding compensation.As long as the regulatory authorities accept, then the network bank’s consultation commissioner will take the initiative to contact, this time to take the opportunity to put forward the negotiation of local solutions, the other party will be easy to accept.In conclusion, there are two techniques for online merchants to negotiate repayment of the principal after the loan is overdue: one is to call the customer service number of online merchants bank to emphasize the impact of the third-party collection company entrusted by the other party on their life and work.Another is to complain to the banking regulatory bureau.Complain the third party collection company entrusted by the other party to collect illegal collection, and ask the other party to stop collection and compensation.​