More than 1,000 households have access to natural gas

2022-04-26 0 By

“This year’s New Year with natural gas, fire prosperous, cooking fast, convenient and economic!”Miss Wang, who lives in the Hyatt Community on Youth Road, was happy from ear to ear.Before the Spring Festival, the northern branch of Changchun Gas Co., LTD successfully completed the gas pipeline installation project in Hyatt Community, and residents used clean, efficient and environmentally friendly natural gas.The Kaiyue Community on Qingnian Road was built in 2013, with a total of 1411 households in 11 buildings. The pipeline natural gas has not been installed. The residents use liquefied gas tanks and electric cooking ladles.In May 2021, the Marketing Department of the northern branch coordinated with the gas Design Institute, Xinyuan Sub-district Office of Kuancheng District, Shanglin Community, Hyatt Property and other departments to conduct multiple household surveys of the residential area’s indoor and outdoor pipelines and house pattern.In the end, 1,312 households applied for gas installations.Before the Spring Festival, Changchun Gas North Branch organized a hydrant opening ceremony in Hyatt District with the theme of “I do practical things for the masses and bring pipeline gas into tens of thousands of people” to publicize the common sense of safe use of gas and open hydrants for residents in the community.