The anchor said on the live broadcast that “order money back” Changzhou police cracked a fraud gang selling high counterfeit bags

2022-04-25 0 By

Livestreaming is quite popular now, with some streamers claiming that they will get money back if they order good reviews.However, the majority of netizens must be careful when they hear similar words.Recently, changzhou police knocked off such a fraud gang, arrested 15 members involved.Police in Changzhou recently received a call from an e-commerce platform staff, saying that some anchors were involved in fraud while carrying goods live.A staff member of an e-commerce quality protection center said that they found an anchor selling women’s handbags in the live broadcast room, with the words “click to receive the goods six days after the full refund, receive the baby click to receive the goods and five star praise, 15 days after the full refund” for fraud.Originally, an anchor in the live with goods clearly stated that as long as the user to buy its direct broadcast room handbag and store praise, and so on six to seven days, the company will be fully refund, but also can send the package to you.Zhang Chen, a police officer at the Network Security Branch of changzhou Public Security Bureau, says, “When the buyer applies for a refund six or seven days later, the store refuses to do so for various reasons.And when the buyer received the bag, they found it was a cheap bag and not worth the price they paid.”According to the early grasp of clues, police in Guangzhou, Yunfu, Shenzhen in Guangdong Province and Wuhan in Hubei province and other seven cities will be guan mou, Chen and other 18 suspects arrested.After checking, suspect Chen is 28 years old, family economic situation is actually very good.After he returned from overseas study in 2021, he wanted to invest and start his own business.Looking at live with goods booming, Chen found before do anchor close.Two people a total, feel such fraud set to money fast, then pull people stem together.Jin Lei, a police officer at Xinbei Branch of Changzhou Public Security Bureau, said, “They buy the goods at a very low price.When a buyer buys the bag, they can tell it’s fake.”At present, Chen mou, close mou and other 11 suspects have been transferred to prosecute.The remaining seven suspects are under further investigation.