The Chengguan Court attended the second joint meeting of labor dispute litigation and mediation docking in Chengguan District of Lanzhou city

2022-04-25 0 By

On February 14th, the heads of the sub-investigation and adjudication team of Chengguan Court, Baiyin Road Court and Weiyuan Road Court were invited to attend the second joint meeting of the labor dispute litigation and mediation docking work of The Federation of Trade Unions of Chengguan District.At the meeting, the two sides listened to the work of “court + trade union” of Chengguan District Federation of Trade Unions in 2021 and the work plan of 2022, and discussed how to further carry out the work of “court + trade union” so as to resolve labor disputes in a more efficient and convenient way.The “court + trade union” labor dispute mediation docking work is an important work jointly promoted by chengguan Court and district Federation of Trade Unions in 2021.Through the integration of the district court with the advantage of trade union work, using the “court + union” quality mediation platform resources, promote the harmonious labor relations, together to build the chengguan chengguan district federation of trade unions and the chengguan district people’s court “court + union” labor dispute lawsuit docking studio, respectively, set up in court and silver road source LuFaTing, 14 and hired labor dispute mediator.Labor dispute mediation related staff and 14 mediators through the “court + trade union” mediation platform, the use of their own professional knowledge to serve workers, do practical things for workers.Especially in the chengguan a tutorial school four teachers in the case of non-payment of wages, district federation of trade unions through + union “” court mediation platform, give full play to the functions of safeguarding rights, fully application of mediators professional knowledge, many times to face to face communication and mediation, the two sides eventually both sides have agreed on a salary amount of time and Labour, effectively solve the problem of wage arrears.In the next step, chengguan court will continue to strengthen the communication with the trade union organization, functional cohesion, timely exchange of case progress, improve the efficiency of case mediation;Second, we will explore an innovative work model of “courts, trade unions and labor arbitration” in which tripartite labor dispute litigation and adjudication are coordinated.If the parties have the intention to mediate or have the possibility to mediate, the three parties shall organize the two parties to mediate first, forming a new pattern of “grand mediation” in which mediation, arbitration and litigation communicate and cooperate with each other, effectively saving judicial resources and promoting harmonious labor relations.Third, take the people’s court’s “three progress” work as an opportunity, explore the establishment of labor litigation and mediation work in the relevant enterprises, and effectively solve the contradictions and disputes in the bud, resolve at the front line;Fourth, practice the training concept of “going out and inviting in”, combine the forms of labor dispute trial observation, special training sessions and exchange sessions, effectively improve the mediation “productivity” of specially invited mediators, and escort the high-quality development of urban economy.