Daotou to get his goddess borrowed notes, and wealth asked him to dress up a bit!

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The prosperous wealth in the distance see front of the foolish head, hence ask foolish head he want to go to why?Daft answered Wangcai that his girl printed her notebook to lend him.Ready to get it now.So prosperous wealth let him change some clothes, polite, wear the more grand the better.And I took the lead in a suit of armor.According to xiaobian, many children like to take notes in class.Because you can write down the important points in class.And our little friend, one day his goddess agreed to lend him his notebook.So prosperous wealth let him change some grand clothes to see his goddess.I ended up wearing a suit of armor.That’s the end of this cartoon.Go to your goddess’s house and borrow a notebook.I forgot, so I told him to dress up.Daotou also feel prosperous wealth said very good.So he put on a suit of armor and went to his goddess’s house to borrow notes.I’ll see you next time.The sports toilet in the white eating village makes the prosperous wealth who loves sports feel broken down!The “time toilet” in The village pops out whenever the time is up