Zhang Jianing brings a youth campus play, incarnation domineering teacher, partner after 90 popular young

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Zhang Jiaming is 85 hind acknowledged acting party floret, although popularity is not high but having very solid acting however, since debut the film and television work that plays many excellent, molded the role of a variety of disposition each different, majority is firm the figure of very positive energy again, be portrayed by her get administrative levels trendily, acting gets audience approbate.Next Zhang Jianing brought a youth campus play “the original teacher ah!”, incarnation of domineer English teacher, partner after 90 popular young, male appearance level is exciting.It’s the teacher!The poster “Teacher!It is directed by Chen Anjun, Xu Yue served as the total scriptwriter to create a city campus light comedy.As a director and screenwriter, Chen has a proven track record as an executive producer of the hit teen drama Take My Brother Away, as well as two highly acclaimed online dramas, Take an Emperor Back to The Modern Era and The Bureau of Antiques.Chief screenwriter Xu Yue, who worked on the period drama The Empress of China, and four other screenwriters, Zhang Yinli, Ye Jiajia, Hu Yue and Zhu Chengzhen, provide great guarantee for the quality of the new work.It’s the teacher!Zhang Jianing still “the original is the teacher ah!”Cast is worth looking forward to, by cheney, jianing zhang, Zhang Li, Wang Ruichang, BianCheng starring, cheney is appearance after 90 levels and acting a good actor, jianing zhang is 85 on the strength of the acting speak after floret, Zhang Li is 80 appearance levels after acting actress, Wang Ruichang is after 95 by net play popular small fresh meat,The side is 00 after the plasticity of the boy.Besides supporting have heat meters, Zheng Fanxing, Yang Xinyi, Su Mengyun, Peng Yaqi, Deng Zhiyuan such as the high level and good young actors acting in appearance, and serena, Liu Jun, Han Qing, Ma Shuliang several famous old play bone, such as supporting from leading to the appearance is very high level, is a handsome boy beauty like a cloud, is a “visual feast”, chase play must be very enjoy.It’s the teacher!Zhang Jianing still photo zhang Jianing brought the original is the teacher ah!Mainly tells the comedown idol singer “southeast”, troughs are arranged in the career to high school as a music teacher, met a cute cute, rigorous earnest and force value extraordinary English teacher “Su Qi”, through out the battle over the two men of the teacher in charge of a series of battle, in the student and the director of teaching and the help of the “slow” su conflict of two people approached each other heart slowly,The harvest of love and personal growth.The play broke the routine plot of sweet pet drama, love and education combined, inspirational growth, do not forget the original aspiration, call on everyone to set up the right values.It’s the teacher!Zhang Jianing in the original is the teacher ah!Plays tying “Su Qi”, is a high level of appearance, lovely and hegemony of English teachers, the hostess set no pressure for acting excellent jianing zhang, she is pure and beautiful appearance, temperament, have outstanding performance in a number of film and television play, the role of the shape is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, like “know” dare to love dare hate like orchid,”Infiltration” in the pure and lovely female agents are interpreted by her very vivid.This zhang Jianing tries brand-new “beauty teacher” role lets a person find everything new and fresh.It’s the teacher!Chen Xuedong in the original teacher ah!In the actor “southeast”, is a superhuman idol singer, musical talent, once very popular, but because of framed career blocked, had to return to high school as a music teacher.This male host set for Chen Xuedong is the true character, he is both a singer and an actor, the appearance of sunshine handsome, extremely idol temperament, and the role of perfect fit.Chen xuedong is a malleable actor who became famous with the tiny Times series, portraying the gentle and pure writer Zhou Chongguang in an intense way.It’s the teacher!Zhang Jianing new play “the original teacher ah!”Have a high level of appearance of the cast, novel and interesting sweet pet story, idol singer vs dominating beauty teacher’s character set is also very interesting, Zhang Jianing debut female teacher is a surprise, partner appearance of 90 popular young Chen Xuedong, this pair of CP eye candy on the pair, just look at the play on the hit.Are you looking forward to this campus drama by Zhang Jianing?Do you think Zhang Jianing and Chen Xuedong have a sense of cp?Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments!For more exciting content, come to her entertainment fashion circle. This article is originally produced by her Entertainment Fashion Circle.Offenders shall be prosecuted.