Public security YingMo on-the-job | in WuSheng: public satisfaction is my best New Year gift

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“As a community police officer, I face trivial things every day, but for the masses, it is a matter of vital interest to them.Only by taking matters of the masses as one’s own, and small matters as big ones, can we win the hearts of the masses.”Yu Wusheng carefully checked the property information of the owners in the community. A community in his district was completed in 2012, and the owners moved in successively in 2013, with 150 households.But due to a variety of “historical legacy” problems, resulting in the owner’s house ownership certificate has not been done for nearly ten years.The lack of real estate ownership certificate has brought a lot of inconvenience to the life of residents. Residents in the community cannot settle down, their real estate cannot be transferred, and their children cannot go to school nearby.Get a house ownership certificate has become the community residents over the years the biggest wish.House ownership certificate is related to the vital interests of the masses, as the community police, I have been thinking about how to help the masses to solve this problem.I consulted senior lawyers and professionals with relevant experience for solutions to the problem.At the same time, with the help of the owners committee, I collected the relevant information of the residents of the community, and brought the residents’ information to the relevant departments for coordination and settlement.After many as long as half a year repeatedly rush about, take the trouble to supplement the material, the thing that handles a card finally had the eyebrow.On this year’s Police Day, I was invited to Beijing to attend the launch ceremony of “2021 the Most Beautiful Grassroots Police Officers”.All the while I was thinking about it.Come back from Beijing the second day, I can’t wait to run to the city housing management department to understand the situation, eager to know the housing property card does what degree, still need to fill what procedures.I was overjoyed by the reply from the housing management department: the procedures have been complete, and the house ownership certificate can be handled in batches.This means that some residents can receive the property ownership certificate before the Spring Festival.Everyone in the community rejoiced after I told them the good news.Aunt Huang, who was familiar with me, said to me excitedly: “Lao Yu, thanks to you, we can get the house ownership certificate before the Chinese New Year.This is the best New Year gift I’ve ever received!”I smiled and said: “your happiness and satisfaction, is my best New Year gift!”Yu Wusheng is such a moment to put the masses in the heart of the community police, in the Spring Festival this reunion day, Yu Wusheng stick to the post as usual, repeating ordinary and busy work, protect the safety of the area.In order to ensure the area of fire safety, investigation of fire safety hazards, Yu Wu sheng came to the area early in the morning of each residential district, carefully check the area of fire facilities.During the Spring Festival, many migrant workers and students returned to Guilin to spend the holiday with their families. Yu visited people in his district who had returned to Guilin from abroad one by one to inquire about their situation and implement the epidemic prevention and control measures.12:30pm Cleaning at noon a short rest time to Wu Sheng is not idle, he finished lunch, came to the house cleaning.In half an hour, he cleaned the hallways and parking lot of the dormitory.Winter is the high incidence of carbon monoxide poisoning accidents season, in order to prevent the occurrence of carbon monoxide poisoning accidents, Yu Wu sheng to the area of some residential areas to visit, and issued leaflets to remind the masses of the correct use of gas, carbon fire, beware of carbon monoxide poisoning.17:00 Resolving the conflict Yu Wusheng received a call from aunt Jiang, a property management service staff in a residential area under his jurisdiction. She said that several households in the residential area did not pay the property fee, and they had collected it for many times without any results.Wu Sheng rushed to the community, and Aunt Jiang together to negotiate, finally helped Aunt Jiang collected the property fees.This is the day in the life of Community police officer Yu Wusheng.This day, although he dealt with a number of trivial matters, but are concerned with the vital interests of the people.One short day can not fully summarize and show all aspects of his work, but it is the epitome of his perseverance day after day to protect the peace of the district and the people’s peace and contentment.