I was born in jiutai County, Jilin province in 1953 and grew up drinking other people’s milk

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I was born in Jiutai County, Jilin Province during the Spring Festival in 1953. When I was born, my father was 39 years old, my mother was 31, and my brother was four.I was born seven months ago. I was born early.My mother, unprepared for my premature birth, wrapped me in a rag. I was small and thin, no bigger than one of my father’s shoes.Midwife Aunt Chen gave me a slap, I hit “wah wah” crying ah.My mother a little milk also have no, opposite house of hu aunt feed my first milk.Hu aunt two months ago gave birth to a girl, her girl name is big Juan.After I was born two months, the round circle of east house Zhang great aunt home was born, passed two months later, the opposite house of Zhang great aunt home, the daughter of Wang great aunt was born.I grew up drinking aunt Hu, Aunt Zhang and aunt Wang’s milk.Most of the time, I eat the paste made by my mother, sometimes when my mother has a meal, the corn flour son big cake or sorghum rice in the mouth of the mouth to feed me to eat.Life was hard at that time, and the people still had little to eat and little to wear. They ate only coarse grain and wore shabby clothes.At that time, the anti-American aid Korea has not ended, Wang sister-in-law is the resident group leader, leading some housewives, do military shoes every day, do chow mein, support the anti-American aid Korea movement.We live in a house with two doors and four families.My family and Uncle Hu live in the opposite house, uncle Hu lives in the far west.The east house of my house is Uncle Zhang’s house, his house and Aunt Wang’s house opposite, aunt Wang’s house in the east end.To the east of aunt Wang’s house, across a lane, there was another house, also two doors, with four families.To the east of aunt Wang’s house was a big courtyard. Before liberation, it had been the main house of the land. Now there were dozens of families living in the courtyard.My house is a new brick house built a year ago, is a real estate company’s house, every month to pay the rent.In the south of the railway in Jiutai County, only our two houses are newly built brick houses, the others are adobe houses, or some old houses with small tiles and blue bricks.When my mother worked with some of the women in the neighborhood, she used to put us children together and one of us would look after them while the others could do the work.I grew up with three girls, hu Dajuan, Zhang Yuanyuan and Wang Daping.My father named my brother Liu Tiancang and me Liu Jinglong.According to the family tree, my generation’s name should be “PI”, my father’s generation is “yu”, and my next generation should be “Xian”.My father may be looking forward to son cheng Long, my elder brother’s name Liu Tiancang, is the meaning of the dragon in the sky, my name Liu Jing long, I am the dragon bai inside the well.The dragon in the sky, there will always be a time to take off, the dragon in the well is like a frog in the bottom of the well, looking at the sky, it is difficult to get out.When I was born, Jiutai County was still a small county.A railway from Changchun to Jilin city runs through the middle of jiutai county, dividing it into two parts, north and south.I live in the south of the railway south Cross Street, in front of my house, separated by five or six meters is a road.There are two more houses on the south side of the road, and in front is the Small South River.My house and uncle Hu live opposite house, two families share an outhouse kitchen, from the outside to come into the house, each a pot, a water tank.The inner room has a bed of fire kang. The room is about 10 square meters. In winter, there is a fire stove under the house.If the land image of our country is like a cock, jiutai is located in the eye of the cock. At that time, jiutai county was also called “Xijiutai”, and there were also “Xijiutai” words above the outer wall of the waiting room of the railway station.As for the name “nine towers”, some people say it comes from the saying “nine stories of towers, from the tired earth”, while others say it comes from the ancient beacon towers.In fact, the name “nine Taiwan” is not derived from the nine tiers of Taiwan, nor from the ancient beacon tower, “nine Taiwan” name from the Manchu government wicker edge.The Rulers of the Qing Dynasty regarded the changbai Mountains in northeast China as the birthplace of manchu because of the production of ginseng, deer antler and wula grass in northeast China.In order to prevent the invasion of other ethnic groups, a wicker border was built between the 9th and 20th years of the Kangxi Dynasty. The name “Jiutai” was derived from the fact that the wicker border was the ninth border from the east.”Jiutai” is divided into “Upper Jiutai” and “Lower Jiutai”, jiutai county is located in the “lower jiutai” position.”Shangjiutai” location in the suburb of Jiutai County, in the east of Jiutai County hospital, near the Jilin Province tuberculosis hospital, later called there “Shangtaizi” village.My second grandfather gave my father a vegetable field, which was surrounded by some vegetable farmers.In the autumn of 1953, a junior agricultural cooperative was established. In 1955, it was transferred to a senior agricultural cooperative. In 1958, a people’s commune was established.My dad was educated and it was easy to find a job, but my dad didn’t want to work.Before the establishment of the people’s commune, my father worked as an accountant in this vegetable team, which was under the jurisdiction of the Jiutai Town commune.The production team planted vegetables, not grain, and the members ate supplies. My family received grain in the Minle grain store near the railway north passenger station.In 1954, uncle Zhang joined the department store. There were five department stores in Jiutai county, and uncle Zhang became the manager of the fourth department store.Department store four in jiutai railway south cross street, at that time jiutai County railway south cross street is the main business district.Shan Tianfang, a famous pingshu artist, said in his autobiography pingshu that he had been to the cross Street market in the south of jiutai Railway in the early liberation period.The old gentleman introduced in pingshu that the market of cross Flower Street was very prosperous, with state-run restaurants, state-run grain stores, state-run department stores, state-run fish and vegetable non-staple food stores, state-run drugstores and so on.There are shoe repairmen, watch repairmen, pen repairmen, flashlight repairmen, umbrella repairmen, radios.And hairdressers, and glass cutters, and clay POTS, and needlework.The house on the east side of my house also had two doors and lived in four families.On the far west side, the man who worked in the wholesale department made the mistake of having an extramarital affair and went to prison.Uncle Zhu worked in a supply and marketing agency. He had two boys and one girl. Later, his family was transferred to the countryside.At the east door in the West Room were Old Dog and his family, seven or eight children.He is my primary school classmate, I and “old dog” are friends, later he worked in the photo studio, I was young several photos, he took me.The old dog died of tuberculosis just after his marriage.His elder sister is my classmate of junior high school, also get tuberculosis, young when passed away.Uncle Xu, a tailor who lived across the room from him, had a son I went to primary school with. He was called “the second child” and everyone wanted to see how he urinated.On the west side of our visit were two thatched huts belonging to my primary school classmate Zhang Wenru.His father plays erhu in jiutai Theater, and his brother, Zhang Wenhao, is the same age as my brother. His family is probably Manchu.To the west of Zhang Wenru’s house are three newly built tile-roofed houses. The family’s surname is Zhou, and the two brothers run a tofu shop.He also had six or seven children, including a girl my age who went to primary school with me.Every family had six or seven children in those days, and the road in front of my house was the main road south of the railway.At the edge of the road there was a ditch, and each family built a bridge over the ditch with wooden boards or sticks.When it rains, the water on the road and in front of the house flows through this ditch into the river of xiaonan River.When it rains, the children play in the ditch.Some children naughty ditch up, often fight things, my brother love to fight since childhood.Old photos of nine railway stations.