How can AC Milan win the serie A trophy when they missed their chance and were held to a draw by the bottom team?

2022-04-24 0 By

In today’s serie a matches the end of the game, Italy events leading to ac milan at 2-2 and saller tana tie, very sorry to have lost the rights of the leading to know in the case of inter milan game in two rounds, the rossoneri they transcend big probability will be rivals, for the events of the championship trophy for the watershed can be thought of as very important.Salernitana this season is very average.Having been relegation favourites before this game, ac Milan were widely expected to win easily, given their recent form.However, the Rossoneri were a surprise, and it was a shame to lose points to the bottom team.And remember, AC Milan didn’t score until just before the end of the game, otherwise they could have lost 2-1.There was little difference in the attacking stats in this game, with Milan’s 13 goalscorers only four more than their opponents.In terms of shots on target, however, both sides had five, and in terms of passing, Milan had only a hundred more than their opponents.It wasn’t like a lopsided match before the game.Salernitana made eight more tackles than Milan, a fierce representative, and one can see that they are desperate to win this game.As Milan failed to beat the bottom team, several players were also given low marks at the end of the game, such as Menion, Romanioli, Bennasser, dias and Leo were all given five failing points.With only Tetonelli and Messi barely passing, it was not a great performance.