Why is the Coach of the Chinese team also the coach of the American team?

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Iron coach students on the evening of 12, the flowing water of a Chinese ice dance combination in ice dance schedule “motor engine” Wang Shiyue/LiuXinYu passage to netizens cheering for them at the same time also found an interesting thing: national players in the photo of the equal area has been replaced but have always been able to see the figure of a female coach netizens are wondering:I thought I was so face-blind and the busiest man in the room is the coach so, who is this coach?Why do you coach a multinational ice dance team?Newspaper wen wei Po reported her name is Mary – France – double Iraq from Montreal, famous skating school, the school has trained including the four world championship papandreou of gith/Caesar dragon, ice dance star is his name in the Beijing Olympics school sent five instructors 22 ice dance accompanied by athletes including Wang Shiyue and LiuXinYu along with France, CanadaGreat, American, English, Spanish, Japanese and Armenian athletes friends: It can be said that the world is full of students and li Source: China Media Group Chinese Global Program Center New media producer/Yang Xiuwen editor/Yang Junjun editor/Wang Xinyu END the wonderful world is in control