A: congratulations!”Gymnastic goddess” Zhou Jie official announced two births female gather together good, sun sister side face open nickname

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On the morning of February 19, “gymnastic goddess” Zhou Jie revealed the good news that her second child was born yesterday morning, with the accompanying text “Brother Orange finally arrived sister Peach yesterday morning, I fulfilled my mission with honor”. The pregnant woman gave birth safely in October, and a son and a daughter made up the word “good” to bless Zou Kai and Zhou Jie.Zhou Jie attached her daughter’s newborn profile photo, the little princess only exposed part of the ear, thick hair, a birth of hair so much, really admire.At the same time zhou Jie open sister’s nickname, called “peach”, and brother, are fruit name, after the elder brother guard sister, I believe must be very happy.Zhou Jie, born in 1991 and married to Olympic champion Zou Kai, rose to prominence as the wife of the “King of Hardware”.They married in 2017, and their son was born in 2019. The son was not yet 3 years old, and the daughter was born. Congratulations to their small family.Zou Kai Zhou Jie is known, they went on variety shows together, before Zou Kai with Zhou Jie on the “wife’s romantic travel”, cheerful zhou Jie is loved by the audience, the two people get along with the model is very sweet, as the Olympic champion behind the woman, Zhou Jie silently pay.Known as a “child-delivery show”, The show has seen zhang Ziyi, Ying CAI ‘er and Xie Na give birth to their second child.After appearing on the show in August last year, Zhou Jie posted a photo of her second child, saying, “Orange seems so happy to know she’s going to be a brother.” The three are looking forward to the arrival of their second child.After the official announcement of her pregnancy, Zhou jie often shared her pregnancy routine on her social media account, showing off her baby bump and concentrating on the delivery, mainly to keep a good mood.Mrs. Lin Feng Zhang Xinyue accompanied Zhou Jie to hit universal Studios, sitting in a special chair zhou Jie and bestie had a good time.Pregnant the Zhou Jie of terminal period reveals to grow fat 20 catties, female star all has the mystery that maintains figure, even if grow flesh to see fat however, limbs still fine, can even relaxed one word horse, condition is very good.In November, Zhou Jie’s birthday, husband Zou Kai sent a car full of flowers romantic.Zhou Jie’s son, Brother Orange, loves to laugh and is handsome. He inherits the advantages of his parents. His third birthday will come in March.16 days from the birth of zhou Jie is getting closer and closer to share a lot of childhood gymnastics photos, used to be really thin.Pregnant mother is worried about postpartum weight is difficult to recover, with her self-discipline weight loss must not be difficult, just after the birth or to take care of themselves, blessing Zou Kai Zhou Jie add a girl.